Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SNP: Saturday

From the "okay, this is getting ridiculous, just finish the goddamn trip report already, the trip was six weeks ago" file.

Wow, what a cold, wet, miserable night. Did I mention cold? There was heavy rain and wind all night long, and the temperature had to be just above freezing. I wasn't too cold with my layers in my sleeping bag, but I drifted in and out of sleep all night. The sound of the wind and the rain was always there.

I'm reasonably rested and feel pretty good. Eric is a different story.  He had a very bad night - he's sick, and water got into our tent on his side and got pretty much all of his clothes and gear wet. The rain stopped around dawn, and it looks like it's going to be a nice day - but it's still frigid cold, and still has to be very close to the freezing mark. Eric is cold and wet, and wet gear is bad news. We'll go get breakfast at the camp store/grill and talk about options.

I see how his side of our tent got water in it. The ground cloth shifted when we were setting up the tent, and his half was mostly on bare (and soaking wet) ground. Very unfortunate.

Rose River Falls
So I mentioned a few times in yesterday's trip report how unhappy I was to have not packed my rain pants, and how badly I missed them last night. Well guess what? They were in my duffel the whole time. I found them this morning, sitting right there under everything else I'd packed. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. I guess I'll just shake my head and roll my eyes at myself.

Two thumbs up for breakfast at the wayside grill. We all got big plates of eggs, pancakes, sausage, and gallons of hot coffee. After discussion of options, Eric is going to pack up and go home. He's clearly sick, and all his clothes and gear are wet. He feels badly, but there's no reason to. We all feel badly.

We helped him pack up and wished him safe travels home. I'll now be going home with John and Ted, so we've sent all non-essentials home in Eric's car, and we'll sort things out after we all get home. Sadly, my guitar had to go - though it's been so cold that playing it has been out of the question.

Falls Hike
When planning this trip, I had the Three Falls hike in mind for today. We talked to the ranger yesterday when checking into the campground, and she confirmed that it's a great hike. The hike is detailed here, and we opted for doing the "two falls" option (6.1 miles vs. 9.3). It turned out to be a perfect hiking day - sunny and blue sky, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. Both falls were beautiful, and we rested for a while at both. There was some up and down, but nothing terrible (except maybe one stretch of the last climb back up to Skyline Drive.)

For extra convenience, we didn't even need to drive to a trailhead - the loop went right through our campground. After walking through the campground, we see the campsites we'll try to get next time we're here (because there *will* be next times.) The sites on the "E" loop are secluded and have a view out over the valley.

Dark Hollow Falls
Yes, the campground has portable showers. With hot water. Hallelujah. Boy did a hot shower feel good after a cold night and a good hike.

Steaks on the Grill
As the afternoon went on and the sun started to get lower, it started to get significantly colder. It was still clear, and the forecast wasn't calling for rain, but it was clearly going to be another very cold night. We got a fire started, and cooked the steaks we originally planned to eat last night. They were amazing, as campfire steaks always are.

We talked around the campfire until the fire got low, and then it was time to hit the sack. I bundled unto my layers and crawled into my sleeping bag. Nite nite.

(To be continued)

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